Cavendish Global Impact Forums:  A unique event for leading family investment offices and foundations from around the world focused on identifying well-conceived, pro-social impact investment and philanthropy opportunities within health and the life sciences. 

Cavendish Global Impact Forums take place three times each year; in the United States (hosted by the United Nations and The Rockefeller University in May 2014), Europe (hosted by Oxford University in November 2014) and a third event held at a Cavendish Host Partner City which moves to a different global location each year (La Jolla, California in May 2015):

Over 50 compelling presentations by:

  • CEO’s of compelling and innovative private sector companies and philanthropic organizations with the potential for major advances in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and medical outcomes
  • Scientists and engineers revealing specific discoveries and technology with the potential for transformational impact on health
  • Accomplished healthcare delivery professionals and health policy experts implementing specific programs driving meaningful improvements in health, health access and medical outcomes on a regional or national basis

Participants Include:

  • Over 100 family offices and foundations attending from North America, Europe, India, Asia, Middle East and Latin America focused on,  “Innovations with the Potential for Transformational Impact on Disease Prevention, Health, Health Access and Medical Outcomes”
  • Family offices seeking to identify well conceived:
    • Impact investment opportunities in private sector companies
    • Sustainable, high-impact foundations and 501c3 (not-for-profit organizations)
  • CEO’s from leading family office owned hospital groups, private sector companies and regional foundations seeking:
    • Product discovery and development collaborations
    • Regional distribution opportunities
    • Joint-venture opportunities
  • CE0’s and senior executives from the worlds largest multi-national medical device, equipment, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and service-sector companies
  • Over 100 accomplished:
    • Senior health ministers and experts in health policy
    • Hospital group CEO’s and Board Members
    • Senior physicians and scientists
  • Senior principals of leading venture capital, investment banking and advisory service groups
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