Rick Kraniak  |  Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Rick Kraniak is internationally recognized as an investor and business builder with great instincts for commercially innovative and viable businesses, and for a long track record of growing successful companies. His entrepreneurial background includes launching a number of businesses in the media and entertainment, health, software, Internet, and technology verticals. In particular, his entertainment industry experience has informed a unique approach to strategy and creating value with diverse enterprises ranging from startup ventures and mature public companies to supporting social cause related organizations and charitable non-profits.

Previously Mr. Kraniak served as Principal and Chief Strategy Officer for buzzcast.com and focused on strategic business development in emerging world of social search optimization and RSS broadcast.  Prior to buzzcast.com, Mr. Kraniak served as Senior Advisor of the of US division of private equity firm Beringea and successfully placed venture capital in American media and entertainment companies.  At Wavefront, WEE Mr. Kraniak led Business Development focusing on the environmental vertical securing board members for company, developing Fortune 500 strategy for sales, positioning of solution set of company owned IP.