Community Stories

Cavendish Global’s strength is in its community. Our Innovation Partners, impact investors and other participants engage in some of the world’s most cutting-edge work in health and the life sciences, with the shared mission of delivering transformational impact. For our community members and those interested in joining the Cavendish community, we are happy to share with you our stories, reflections and exciting announcements.

"Over the past 38 years of my business career, I have attended hundreds of major medical meetings across the U.S. and Canada. However, the mind-trust represented by members both within the Cavendish team itself, and of those in attendance at the San Diego Forum, (which I attended), ranks as the best I’ve ever seen.

I had the pleasure of meeting with wonderfully talented, professional, and dedicated people that are passionate about what they do, and concerned about making an impact in the world. I thought it was very refreshing, and it gives me faith, that I will find the right impact investor through these connections, that shares the same passion for helping make the world a better place to live in as I do."

Rocky Nordquist, CEO & Co-Founder,
Infiniti-Blue, Inc.

"The Phoenix Forum was very productive. I came to know a number of interesting start ups and my family fund is actively involved in one of the companies in investing and introducing to other investors. Cavendish Forums work well in bringing together investors and early startups."

Prasad Sunkara

"My first experience with Cavendish was extremely positive and exceeded my expectations. I made some very useful business and personal connections. Watching other companies present expanded my understanding of what is happening in healthcare and helped me tune my own presentation."

Reggie Groves, CEO
REVA Medical

An environment that drives impact


Benjamin S. Carson Jr, Co-Founder & Chariman
Interprise Partners

"In addition to bringing together a powerful and dynamic group of people, the Cavendish forums encourage collaboration between life science companies. This collaboration is an extremely valuable opportunity for like-minded companies to network and share their impactful work beyond the forums, but it’s the environment created by Cavendish that makes this kind of promotion possible. I am grateful to be considered an Innovation Partner by Cavendish Global."

Tim Turczyn, Chief Executive Officer

A collaborative Environment.


Paul Gudonis, CEO

"The networking was incredible! I loved meeting the Cavendish members and I am looking forward to talking with them at the next meeting. I was humbled to be among such an accomplished group of people! I was impressed that so many people understood where our technology was going. Many people gave me great suggestions on various aspects of our path forward, including some uses that we hadn't considered. Getting to meet people that are making an impact on a global level was amazing! I also enjoyed meeting the other Innovation Partners. I was impressed by the quality of the technologies presented and the global reach of the projects. The Cavendish staff was helpful and very much an active part of the Forum.”

Marcia Hendrickson, President & CEO

"Cavendish Global excels at creating memorable gatherings of truly inspirational people. It is said that innovation happens at the crossroads of numerous disciplines. Cavendish Impact Forums are uniquely curated events that excel at connecting people with a variety of resources and networks — all with great hospitality. It has been our pleasure to engage and assist both innovators and impact investors while attending these world-class events."

Barry Didato, Chief Investment Officer
The Innovation Institute

"The Cavendish Forum, provides a unique setting to meet and network with potential investors. In a relaxed yet professional setting. Companies have an opportunity to build relationships with Family offices, and a wide array of potential investors who may have a specific interest in a rare disease, or who may have an investor bias based on more than an ROI, but a Social return on Investment where there is a greater good that comes out of their investment or affiliation with a company."

George Colberg, CEO, Co-founder
Kalos Therapeutics

"In addition to being well received at Cavendish and identifying several strategic partners, PetLife Pharmaceuticals is in discussions with some leading scientists in joining our team to assist with both capital and building our intellectual property by expanding our treatment options consistent with the company’s mission of providing safe and effective solutions for critical diseases in companion animals."

PetLife Pharmaceuticals

"Love this meeting - really appreciate the high level organization, as well as the opportunities to connect with new companies and investors. Very engaged group."

Jennifer Schneider
Tiber Creek Partners

"I would describe the experience as "Great!" Very well organized and presented. The opportunity to listen to and interact with such a group of diversified products, services, and industry perspectives was quite unique."

Harvey Denman
Alliant Ventures

"The overall event was outstanding! Investing time with Cavendish was well worthwhile! The speakers were all well prepared and the audience was engaged."

Cynthia Ekberg Tsai

"Good forum for interactions with a crowd that is different from many other investor meetings."

Geert Cauwenbergh, President and CEO
RXi Pharmaceuticals

"Cavendish is the most welcoming and collaborative setting I've ever been a part of."

Peter Wilderotter
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation