Turner Imaging Systems Closes Seed Investment Round led by Cavendish Impact Capital

Cavendish Innovation Partner announces successful close of seed investment round led by Cavendish Impact Capital, with participation from other private investors


(COOPERSTOWN, NEW YORK) — Cavendish Global, a New York-based community of family offices and impact investors, together with San Diego, CA-based Cavendish Impact Capital, have announced today the successful seed funding of one of their Innovation Partners, Orem, UT-based Turner Imaging Systems. Cavendish Impact Capital led the seed investment round, with participation from other private investors.

Turner Imaging Systems is the developer of the SMART-C, a fully-functional, battery-operated, and hand-transportable mini-C-arm system. SMART-C dramatically improves the way fluoroscopy is performed, expanding the accessibility to x-ray imaging in underserved areas around the world. 

“I am pleased to have Turner Imaging Systems among the Cavendish Impact Capital Life Science Fund portfolio,” remarked John Evey, Managing Director, Cavendish Impact Capital. “From the sports field to the emergency room, and from the field hospital to village clinics around the globe, the SMART-C will be an exceptional tool for emergency responders, imaging specialists, and physicians.”

Turner Imaging Systems became a Cavendish Innovation Partner in early 2017, presenting at the February San Diego Health Impact Forum. Through continued attendance at Cavendish Forums and nurturing a relationship with Cavendish Impact Capital, Turner and Cavendish recognized their complementary strategies. “We share in the Cavendish community’s dual mission to provide a financial return to investors and have a positive impact on global healthcare outcomes,” remarked Clark Turner, CEO, Turner Imaging Systems.

“The successful funding of Turner Imaging Systems by Cavendish Impact Capital is a testament to the power of the Cavendish community,” noted J. Michael Moffat, Chairman, Cavendish Global. “Through our daily efforts to identify and present the most transformative innovations, before ready and inspired impact investors, Cavendish continues to deliver to market game-changing innovations with substantial global benefit.”

Turner Imaging Systems will use the proceeds from this funding round to finance operations, continue development efforts related to its innovative technology, and upon regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, advance the commercialization of the SMART-C portable C-arm system.

Turner Imaging Systems and Cavendish Impact Capital will be in attendance at the upcoming Cavendish Health Impact Forum, February 7, 2018, at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine in San Diego, CA. 


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About Turner Imaging Systems

Turner Imaging Systems develops and markets X-ray imaging systems that give the user the ability to acquire X-ray images wherever and whenever they are needed.  Our latest product, the SMART-C arm, is a fully-functional mini-C-arm system that is battery operated and hand-transportable, improving the way fluoroscopy is performed.  Our products expand the reach of X-ray imaging to the underserved and humanitarian efforts around the world. For more information: http://turnerimagingsys.com