Cavendish Advisors

Customized strategic and tactical consulting for health and life science innovators, family offices, philanthropists, foundations and impact investors

Working with our global network of leading experts (including physicians, scientists, regulatory and reimbursement experts, health policy experts, impact investing and philanthropy specialists), Cavendish meets client-specific advisory objectives; services include:

  • Strategy development:  Impact investment and grant giving strategy creation, driven by client preferred purpose and area of impact; Cavendish develops a customized plan for achieving customized impact investment and philanthropic goals.
  • Due diligence and opportunity assessment:  Evaluate and assess in a timely manner technology/program specific candidates based on a rigorous approach to due diligence scaled to client needs. Cavendish couples qualitative and quantitative analysis that provides clients with an unbiased view of opportunity and risk, explaining findings in the context of client specific goals.
  • Access opportunities: Within specific areas of client interest, utilizing our global network to help clients and their advisors identify compelling private sector companies, licensing opportunities, researchers and not-for-profit organizations developing innovations with the potential for transformational impact
  • Facilitate and structure partnerships and joint-ventures: Cavendish can help clients create funding and implementation partnerships:
    • Under the right circumstances, funders can achieve greater influence when working together. Cavendish helps clients create new, or add to, existing funding networks with like-minded partners.
    • Accelerated provision of services, manufacturing or distribution of products can be achieved through national or global collaborations or joint-ventures. Cavendish helps establish or expand these joint-ventures.


for more information on cavendish advisors, please contact tom Mckenzie