Family Office Council

By invitation council of family office peers - a platform to share and champion initiatives family offices are passionate about, while also shaping the vision and voice of Cavendish; members also have access to specialized Cavendish resources.

Role and privileges of Cavendish Family Office Council members include:

  • By invitation council consisting of accomplished family offices

  • Members help shape the ‘vision, priorities and voice’ of Cavendish; participate in annual Family Office Council retreat

  • Members are provided with specialized Cavendish resources, which include:

    • Discretionary co-investment rights for Cavendish Capital transactions

    • Participate in all Cavendish Forums

    • ‘Champion and nomination’ rights for their preferred private sector and not-for-profit innovators, for membership in the Cavendish community and participation in Cavendish Forums

    • Customized Innovation Summit organized for individual Council Members on themes of special interest to the Council member

  • Cavendish Scholarship, Grant and Award Donor:  Members contribute to the Cavendish scholarship, grant and award fund


To learn more, please email our Vice President of the Member Services,

Gwen Snyder: