J. michael moffat

chairman and managing partner

Michael Moffat is a founder of Black Ash Holdings (Cooperstown, NY), a Director of USNY Bank and serves on the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of family office and philanthropic... Read More

dr. jonathan M. sackier

chief medical officer and managing partner

Dr. Sackier is credited with helping to develop medical technologies including laparoscopic surgery, amniotic stem cells and the first commercial surgical robot, AESOP, brought to market... Read More

Tom mckenzie 

Managing partner

Tom McKenzie has held executive positions for more than 30 years in a variety of organizations, ranging from Global 500 companies, such as FedEx, to startups. His broad experience includes growing and managing successful... Read More 

peter cullum 

managing director

Peter Cullum joined Cavendish in early 2017 as Managing Director. He was a founder and the Managing Partner at Dunbar & Cullum, Inc, a management consulting company providing strategic planning, acquisition and... Read More

richard kraniak

senior vice president

Richard (Rick) Kraniak is internationally recognized as an investor and business builder, with great instincts for commercially innovative and viable businesses, and for a long track record of growing successful... Read More

courtney mcgovern

senior vice president, business development

Courtney McGovern joined Cavendish in 2017, and serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Ms. McGovern brings 20 years of diverse entrepreneurial and corporate experience in... Read More

gwen gozigian snyder

senior vice president, membership and investor relations

Gwen Gozigian Snyder joined Cavendish in 2014, having directed operations for the inaugural Cavendish Health Impact Forum at the United Nations, and... Read More

ian kenyon

SENIOR vice president, corporate communications and events

Ian Kenyon has led Cavendish Global's corporate communication and event operations since June 2016 and previously directed research activities... Read More


membership director and secretary, selection committee

Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick joined Cavendish in September 2017 as a Membership Director. Ms. McGoldrick works one-on-one with... Read More

xander moffat

director, creative services and digital products

Xander Moffat leads Cavendish's creative, production and digital initiatives. He has led each area of operations since 2014, and spearheads the Cavendish IQ platform.

kevin kanarek

digital product manager, and support

Kevin Kanarek has managed Cavendish's digital product support team since 2014. Working one-on-one with Cavendish members, he facilitates and guides the digital membership experience.