Peter Cullum 

Managing Director

Peter Cullum joined Cavendish in early 2017 as Managing Director. He was a founder and the Managing Partner at Dunbar & Cullum, Inc, a management consulting company providing strategic planning, acquisition and marketing advice in the hospitality design and supply sector. Prior to starting the company in 2000, he held executive positions in both private and Fortune 500 companies, with a broad range of responsibilities including training and leading business management teams, business development, new markets strategy, and developing strategic alliances and client partnerships. He also has considerable experience in the area of intellectual property licensing, and has negotiated multiple contracts with Fortune 500 companies. 

Born in England, Mr. Cullum graduated from the historic Christ’s Hospital School for Boys (founded in 1553 by King Edward VI), before emigrating to the United States to become a private yacht captain for a prominent New York businessman. He is an avid sailor who took his wife and family on a year-long sailing voyage from Texas, up to Maine and down through the eastern Caribbean.