We address the "Valley of Death"

Too many transformational ideas languish due to lack of capital.

Between achieving a proof-of-concept, and capitalization and commercialization, brilliant ideas stall in the well-known "valley of death".

Cavendish provides the solution.

Cavendish Global is a peer-to-peer community of paradigm-changing innovators in health and the life sciences; over 200 leading family offices, philanthropists, foundations and impact investors; key opinion leaders and renown institutional partners that share a passion for well-conceived impact investing, sustainable philanthropy and delivering transformational impact.

Cavendish provides the resources for innovators to advance their impactful work from mind to marketplace — through our Health Impact Forums, the Cavendish IQ digital community, advisory services, access to key opinion leaders and capital opportunities.

Together, the Cavendish community bridges the gaps and accelerates innovation.

Our Work

Cavendish is a leader in identifying the next generation of impactful innovations. We provide the guidance and education in approaching impact audiences, and support connectivity and exposure to a worldwide network of like-minded peers, impact investors, and institutions.


selection and education

Throughout the year, our team researches thousands of early-stage health and life science companies, tracking the leading breakthroughs and innovations in the field.

Cavendish invites the most promising innovators to interview as Innovation Partner candidates. Reviewed and approved candidates are prepared and educated on interacting with the Cavendish community.


BIOhealth impact forums

By-invitation-only events, our Forums bring together our exceptional Innovation Partners, pre-qualified and active impact investors, and select strategic partners for one to two days of unique keynotes, innovator showcases, partnering meetings, panel discussions and carefully-crafted social functions.

Forums are held in select cities, co-hosted and sponsored by our key partners.


connectivity and support

Between Forums, our community remains heavily active on Cavendish IQ, our proprietary online network open to all members.

Lending from the best qualities of today's networking platforms, we continue to grow our sleek and high-touch digital community with discretion and ease of use in mind.

Concurrently, our team is at the ready to assist, throughout the year.

Our Members

In our approach to fostering a collaborative and peer-to-peer environment, we identified the critical constituencies essential to ushering transformational technologies forward to capitalization and commercialization.



Curated early and development-stage innovators and entrepreneurs launching conspicuous concepts and innovations addressing critical areas of unmet need.



Pre-qualified, active investors with a demonstrated interest in advancing impactful innovations; comprising of single and multi-family offices, foundations, private equity, venture capital, angel investors, and independent philanthropists.



Individuals, organizations, and institutions that catalyze and inspire our community's shared goal of amplifying the most impactful innovations. Many of our strategic partners participate as speakers.

A network that delivers.

Cavendish provides the resources required to accomplish the objectives of our members — a trusted knowledge acquisition and relationship-building environment, combined with innovative capabilities, tools and technology.



Through awards, fellowships, grants and direct investment through its evergreen fund, the Foundation empowers inspired social entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators at all stages.


Provides all members with digital access to each other — to share knowledge and insights, access experts and innovators, while preserving and protecting members' privacy and data.