Cavendish recognizes the fundamental impact learning has on driving economic growth, enabling social change and transforming the human spirit.  As part of our core mission, the Cavendish community of impact investors and our advisors seek to help drive meaningful and measurable change in the areas of education and learning.

The Cavendish community believes innovation and change that is multi-faceted and targeted at specific issues, where measurable progress can be made, has the potential for transformational impact.  The Cavendish community seeks to help accomplish this by:

Convening education thought leaders to promote information sharing, idea exchange and critical opinion development 

Identifying innovation and impact opportunities in promising leaders, technologies and innovative businesses

Championing and sharing knowledge and relational assets of the community to accelerate impact and innovation in the field

As part of this mission, Cavendish, together with our advisors, has identified key areas where improvement and innovation can have outsized impact on educational outcomes. Areas currently include:

  • Early childhood experiential learning
  • Classroom-based assessment
  • Reading and math intervention
  • Scalable teaching practices and school operating models
  • AI-based learning technologies and knowledge-driven systems
  • Developing international markets school operations and learning models
  • Personalized learning systems and courseware
  • Post secondary curriculum reform and standard setting, including competency-based models and vocational training
  • Corporate training and continuing education