As an Innovation Partner Presenter, you will be allotted 7 minutes for your presentation.

The venue for your presentation will include audio amplification and projection capabilities. The exact set-up of the stage varies from Forum to Forum, we will be able to provide more detailed information on this as the Forum approaches.

All presentations submitted according to the below instructions will be tested to ensure everything is working well technically. If you have something specifically you want us to check for (video, animation, sound, or specific design elements) please email us at support@cavendishglobal.com

Submission Instructions:

All Submissions are Due Five Business Days Prior to the Start of the Forum

Technical Requirements:

  • All presentation files must be PowerPoint format. If you plan on using video in your presentation, be sure to send the video files in addition to the powerpoint file.

Please use this link to submit your presentation: FINAL PRESENTATION SUBMISSION

(Note: Please label your presentation file clearly - e.g. "[companyname]-presentation.ppt")

Presentation Guidelines

The typical corporate ‘PowerPoint’ presentation describing management backgrounds, product pipelines, and pro-forma P&L projections rarely engages the impact investor audience. First and foremost, the Cavendish audience is looking to be engaged by a good story well told. While the specifics of the science and financials are important, they often get in the way of telling the best story and are best saved for follow-up discussions during the subsequent Partnering Meeting sessions. 

The following guidelines provide more suggestions for creating a presentation that will position you to appeal to and engage the impact investor audience.

Style of presentation – Think TED: 

Successful impact investor presentations are short, to the point and most importantly, intellectually engaging and emotionally powerful.  The most compelling TED talks are a good example of what you should seek to create.  Tell an engaging story which will put your audience ‘on the edge of their seats’ with anticipation.  Framing your presentation with a question or disease related objective, into which you weave the work of your company, is a good start.

The following TED talk are great examples of the approach that will appeal to the Cavendish community.

Tell a brief, high-impact story:

Impact investors appreciate brief and powerful stories.  Your presentation can not exceed 7 minutes; focus on delivering a high–impact story and make good use of pictures and imagery. 

Focus on transformational impact: 

The Cavendish audience is intrigued by discoveries, science and innovations with the potential for transformational impact on disease prevention, diagnosis or treatment.  Focus on briefly describing the potential for transformational impact of your discovery and science.

Talk about discovery, science and innovation:  

Do not discuss revenues, or profits.  Concentrate on describing a disease or unmet need, describe the impact of the disease in terms human suffering and economic consequences, reveal your scientific insight or discovery and describe the impact; “how will your innovation make the lives of people better”.

Concentrate on your biggest innovation not your pipeline:   

You may have a broad pipeline of innovations in development.  Do not attempt to describe them all — instead focus on the discovery and science behind your most intellectually engaging and emotionally powerful innovation.


If you need any additional assistance, please contact our support team at support@cavendishglobal.com