Cavendish Global provides family offices and their foundations (from North America, Europe, Asia, the GCC and Latin America) with a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the innovative resources required to help develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investment, grant making and sustainable philanthropy programs within health and the life sciences.

Cavendish Global helps family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds accomplish four principle objectives:

  • Champion and Share:  Provide a peer-to-peer setting for family offices, their foundations and sovereign wealth funds to champion and share information on specific impact investing, grant-giving and sustainable philanthropy projects which they are passionate about
  • Access Knowledge and Insight:  Help identify the best scientists, accomplished healthcare delivery professionals and health policy experts driving major advances in health and medical outcomes and benefit from their advice
  • Create Durable Relationships: Establish family office collaborations and partnerships which will endure post-forum and have pro-social impact for years to come
  • Access Opportunities: Introduce family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds to compelling private sector companies, researchers and not-for-profit organizations developing innovations with the potential for transformational impact