The Cavendish Global Mission:
Cavendish Global ('Cavendish') provides family offices and their foundations with a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the innovative resources required to help develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investment, grant making and philanthropy programs within health and the life sciences.

Cavendish assists family offices in identifying the best scientific minds, accomplished healthcare delivery professionals, innovative private sector companies, philanthropic organizations and health policy experts engaged in transforming medical outcomes on a regional, national and global basis.

Cavendish consists of leading family offices from North America, Europe, Asia, the GCC and Latin America seeking well-conceived impact investment and philanthropy opportunities within health and the life sciences.  On behalf of family offices and their foundations, Cavendish utilizes their global network of relationships to identify and create access to:
  • Leading scientists and engineers revealing specific discoveries and technology with the potential for transformational impact on health
  • CEO’s of compelling and innovative private sector companies and philanthropic organizations with the potential for major advances in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and medical outcomes
    • Accomplished healthcare delivery professionals and health policy experts implementing specific programs driving meaningful improvements in health, health access and medical outcomes on a regional or national basis
    In this capacity, Cavendish Global provides family offices with six innovative resources, which includes Cavendish Impact Forums.  A unique gathering of leading family offices, Cavendish Impact Forums take place three times each year; in the United States (NYC May '14), Europe (London October '14) and a third event held at a Cavendish Host Partner City which moves to a different global location each year (Dubai, UAE January '15) more...

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