Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The Cavendish family office community seeks to create opportunities for the next generation of female executives and entrepreneurs to thrive and prosper as leaders, business owners, employees, and stakeholders.  The Cavendish community believe that new professional networks, mentoring from successful business leaders and better access to capital can help women entrepreneurs overcome the barriers they have encountered in career development and in creating compelling new businesses.


The Cavendish community believes active mentoring, innovation and the well-conceived deployment of capital has the potential to accelerate the growth and success of women in business.  The Cavendish community seeks to help accomplish this by:

  • Convening thought leaders to promote information sharing, idea exchange and critical opinion development
  • Championing and sharing knowledge and relational assets of the community to accelerate impact, innovation and success by women business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Identifying innovation in promising leaders, technologies and innovative businesses
  • The Cavendish Foundation and the Cavendish Internship Bank has been established in collaboration with family office members of the Cavendish community.  The Cavendish Internship Bank will become available in June of 2016 and provides access to a pool of professionally rewarding internship opportunities and provides internship scholarships.  Consistent with the priorities of the Cavendish community in supporting professional development of millennial women, 70% of internship opportunities will be granted to women.