Selection Process

Over four years, Cavendish has interviewed over 4,500 health and life science companies of various size and scope. We speak with the leaders - the CEOs, CSOs, Chairmen and founders - to truly understand a company's vision, passion, milestones and potential to deliver transformative impact.


Step One: Interview with Cavendish

Marketing collateral, form emails and paperwork only convey a fraction of a concept. Our team wants to meet the visionaries and the drivers behind the concept. Cavendish conducts interviews throughout the year - over the phone, in person at industry convenings and every January at our offices in San Francisco.

Our team wants to learn more about you, your work, and provide you with our story, our members' current interests and identify where great synergy may occur. 

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Step Two: Application and Selection Committee

Following an interview with the Cavendish team, it is determined whether an applicant is ready to receive an Innovation Partner application.

The application is refreshingly straight forward, simple, and requesting the proper information to be reviewed by the Cavendish Innovation Partner Selection Committee, chaired by Dr. Jonathan M. Sackier. 

Innovation Partner candidates will not receive an application until they have completed an interview with a member of the Cavendish team.


Step Three: Committee Review and Next Steps

The Selection Committee meets on a fixed schedule, throughout the year. Upon receiving an Innovation Partner application, we stress that applicants submit as soon as possible to avoid delay in a decision. 

The Committee, reviewing the application, interview notes and any additional information sourced and provided, ultimately determines whether an organization is invited to join Cavendish as an Innovation Partner.

Pending acceptance by the Selection Committee, the Cavendish Member Services team will work with organizations throughout the induction process and ahead of their first participation in a BioHealth Impact Forum.