“We share Cavendish Global’s commitment to improving healthcare globally. The forums have been a valuable venue for networking with other like-minded organizations.  

We’ve met decision-makers from not just investor groups, but the FDA and other regulators.  The interaction with global thought-leaders in the healthcare space has been mentally stimulating. The forums are top-notch events in first-class venues!"

D. Clark Turner, PhD  |  Founder and CEO, Turner Imaging Systems


Note: Turner Imaging Systems received funding from Cavendish Impact Capital.

"Cavendish Global’s conferences are a terrific gathering of cutting edge health care companies and family office investors, all gathered together with the common purpose of developing successful businesses that can have a real impact on healthcare outcomes. The quality of the programming at Cavendish’s conferences is excellent, and it has been a very successful experience for Cellphire in helping us raise a successful capital round.  

In particular, I found that the Cavendish IQ communications platform was very helpful in actually connecting with investors who were a good match for our company."

Tom Dann  |  Chief Investment Officer, Cellphire, Inc.

"Over the past 38 years of my business career, I have attended hundreds of major medical meetings across the U.S. and Canada.  The mind-trust represented by members both within the Cavendish team itself, and of those in attendance at the 2017 San Diego Forum (which I attended), ranks as the best I’ve ever seen.

I had the pleasure of meeting with wonderfully talented, professional, and dedicated people that are passionate about what they do, and concerned about making an impact in the world.  I thought it was very refreshing, and it gives me faith, that I will find the right impact investor through these connections, that shares the same passion for helping make the world a better place to live in as I do."

Rocky Nordquist  |  CEO and Co-Founder, Infinti-Blue, Inc.

"The Phoenix Forum was very productive. I came to know a number of interesting start ups and my family fund is actively involved in one of the companies in investing and introducing to other investors. Cavendish Forums work well in bringing together investors and early startups."

Prasad Sunkara  |  Chairman, Corvida Medical, Inc.

"My experience with Cavendish was extremely positive and exceeded my expectations. I made some very useful business and personal connections. Watching other companies present expanded my understanding of what is happening in healthcare and helped me tune my own presentation."

Reggie Groves  |  CEO, REVA Medical

"We've been to a couple Cavendish forums and its been absolutely phenomenal. We've had a very good time meeting a lot of influential, very accredited people and actually ended up finding a deal that we invested in, after the first Forum. We were able to close that transaction in sixty days.

I would say that Cavendish definitely provides a unique platform for really getting to know people. Absolutely love being a part of it and looking forward to more."

Benjamin S. Carson, Jr.  |  Co-Founder and Chairman, Interprise Partners

"I have now attended and spoken at two Cavendish Health Impact Forums. The caliber of these events is top notch, and the amount of high net worth investors I have now been connected to is incredible!! 

I have built so many strong relationships in just the last two events. I feel more confident than ever that I will find the support and funding I require to begin my human trials focused on pediatric cancer breakthroughs. 

I’m so grateful for the team at Cavendish, and their support to help me end the suffering in so many stricken by this awful disease!"

Tracy Ryan  |  Founder and CEO, CannaKids and CK Sciences

"In addition to bringing together a powerful and dynamic group of people, the Cavendish forums encourage collaboration between life science companies. This collaboration is an extremely valuable opportunity for like-minded companies to network and share their impactful work beyond the forums, but it’s the environment created by Cavendish that makes this kind of promotion possible. I am grateful to be considered an Innovation Partner by Cavendish Global."

Tim Turczyn  |  CEO, TeloRegen


"The networking was incredible! I loved meeting the Cavendish members and I am looking forward to talking with them at the next meeting. I was humbled to be among such an accomplished group of people! I was impressed that so many people understood where our technology was going. Many people gave me great suggestions on various aspects of our path forward, including some uses that we hadn't considered. Getting to meet people that are making an impact on a global level was amazing! I also enjoyed meeting the other Innovation Partners. I was impressed by the quality of the technologies presented and the global reach of the projects. The Cavendish staff was helpful and very much an active part of the Forum.”

Marcia Hendrickson  |  President and CEO, MitoGenetics

"My involvement with the 2017 San Diego Forum, and with follow-up meetings held in Washington, DC contributed substantially to the success of ProLung’s recent private offering of equity capital and potentially to the interest of an underwriter in pursuing an opportunity to take us public. 

With a goal of raising $5.25 million we were oversubscribed by $3.0 million which closed in late April this year. Plans are now underway to pursue a public offering of our equity with one of the most active underwriters on the Street. 

Thank you, Cavendish."

Steven C. Eror  |  President and CEO, ProLung, Inc.

"The values and aspirations of Cavendish struck a chord with me, personally, and my colleagues. We like it and so we've raised our flag with Cavendish."

Edward Mott  |  Chairman, Oxford Capital Partners

"In addition to being well received at Cavendish and identifying several strategic partners, PetLife Pharmaceuticals is in discussions with some leading scientists in joining our team to assist with both capital and building our intellectual property by expanding our treatment options consistent with the company’s mission of providing safe and effective solutions for critical diseases in companion animals."

Sabino Diaz  |  Pet Life Pharmaceuticals

"I found this to be a very collaborative environment. The people here are here to network, to make new relationships. I found people very friendly and there is a lot of interaction.

For example, at one of the Cavendish meetings, I met David Weild, the former Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange. He informed me about the new SEC rules which allow earlier stage companies to go public to raise capital by what is called a Regulation A+ IPO.

After the forum, I went and researched this and ended up hiring an investment banker and law firm and went through the process of executing a Regulation A+ IPO.

What you have here are people with big ideas and big plans, and they're very passionate about what they're doing, whether as entrepreneurs or the family offices that are funding innovation. So, it's a very exciting mix that way and I think you'll see big things come out of this in the next several years."

Paul R. Gudonis  |  Founder and CEO, Myomo

"The Cavendish Forum, provides a unique setting to meet and network with potential investors, in a relaxed yet professional setting. Companies have an opportunity to build relationships with family offices, and a wide array of potential investors who may have a specific interest in a rare disease, or who may have an investor bias based on more than an ROI, but a social return on investment where there is a greater good that comes out of their investment or affiliation with a company."

George Colberg  |  Co-Founder and CEO, Kalos Therapeutics

"I can recommend the Cavendish Global event as an excellent opportunity to meet with investors and impact investors. The latter category being still quite new and difficult to penetrate makes this forum quite unique. My own experience has led to 30 new investor leads and over 60 KOL and influencer contacts that have helped us to gain important awareness for our technology and impact we can have in containing the HIV pandemic. We also closed on significant investment from Cavendish investor leads. 

The outcome and the execution of this event were extraordinary."

John Reisky de Dubnic  |  CEO, Cavidi S.A.

"Cavendish is the most welcoming and collaborative setting I've ever been a part of."

Peter Wilderotter  |  President and CEO, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation


"The overall event was outstanding! Investing time with Cavendish was well worthwhile! The speakers were all well prepared and the audience was engaged."

Cynthia Eckberg Tsai  |  Private Investor

"It's basically a community that brings across people who all share the same goal, which is making an impact, a meaningful impact, especially in healthcare and peoples' lives.

When you can cover the whole spectrum, that is when impact investing is most effective and there is no better venue that I can imagine than the Cavendish group of participants and the Cavendish events."

John Friedman  |  Managing Partner, Easton Capital

"Cavendish Global excels at creating memorable gatherings of truly inspirational people. It is said that innovation happens at the crossroads of numerous disciplines. Cavendish Impact Forums are uniquely curated events that excel at connecting people with a variety of resources and networks — all with great hospitality. It has been our pleasure to engage and assist both innovators and impact investors while attending these world-class events."

Barry Didato  |  CIO, The Innovation Institute

"A good forum for interactions with a crowd that is different from many other investor meetings."

Geert Cauwenbergh  |  President and CEO, RXi Pharmaceuticals

“At Cavendish, everybody’s looking to the future, and its surprising to find such a concentration of investors who have those feelings…”

Brandon Johnson  |  President, Boston Microfluidics

"I love this meeting - really appreciate the high level organization, as well as the opportunities to connect with new companies and investors. A very engaged group."

Jennifer Schneider  |  Tiber Creek Partners

"The Cavendish community has great convening power.

Not only is it very intellectually stimulating, emotionally stimulating, there's a chance to be very practical and actually get things done.

This is the power of Cavendish: being able to influence ideas into action in really meaningful ways and in a really short period of time."

Keely Stevenson  |  Co-Founder, Weal Life


"I would describe the experience as 'Great!' Very well organized and presented. The opportunity to listen to and interact with such a group of diversified products, services, and industry perspectives was quite unique."

Harvey Denman  |  CEO, Alliant Ventures

"I have attended conferences for perhaps thirty years… hundreds of them… this was by far the most enjoyable: classy, brilliantly organized, absolutely top-drawer environment and delegates… and on top of that, a very tangible spirit of social purpose, and of a collegial determination to make the world a better place together.

That ethic comes from the top, and I salute Cavendish in convening the forces that together can, do, and will put a big dent in social challenges. Truly, Cavendish leads from the front. 

I have left with five dozen live connections that are all now in process, and of our 14 active academies, six are a direct result of my relationship with Cavendish and its dynamic members, providing immediate results to dozens of foster youth."

Peter Samuelson  |  President and Co-Founder, First Star